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 Can I get mobile service? How long will it take?

Can I have my glass replaced at my home or office? Yes, but you should be aware of precautions and limitations on this service. Shops avoid performing windshield replacement outside when the weather is bad. Any time the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or the humidity is high, certain adhesives may not adhere properly, and your windshield could leak or lose its adhesion. In poor weather, a reputable company will use a special adhesive that will harden at low temperatures, and set up a temporary shelter to protect your car during installation.

How long will it take to repair/replace my windshield? To repair a small crack or ding (without replacing the entire windshield) takes about 30 minutes. Length of service may vary for a complete windshield replacement, based on the adhesives used, the thoroughness of your technician and "safe drive time" (the amount of time your vehicle must sit to allow adhesives to fully cure making it safe to drive your vehicle).

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 Damaged Windshields can be Dangerous, Illegal, and Unsafe

If you are driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield, you may hear annoying air whistles, you may see damaging water leaks and you may be risking your safety and that of your passengers.

Professional Auto Glass Technicians advise consumers to regularly check windshields, and replace them if necessary.

"Windshields are structural components of today’s vehicles and provide important safety features in an accident," says Alan Eggers, President of Auburn Auto Glass Express in Auburn, CA. "In an accident, the windshield helps support a vehicle’s roof minimizing the potential for cave-in, and it also allows the airbag to properly function."

In the past, having your windshield cleaned and checked was part of the service provided at gas or service stations. As Eggers points out," it was part of the service that came along with checking the oil and tires. Today, the responsibility for windshield inspection lies with the owner of the vehicle."

Eggers recommends checking your windshield for damage on a regular basis and having it promptly repaired or replaced to avoid further damage or complications.

"Vehicle owners who check their windshields on a regular basis save themselves money in the long run," stresses Eggers. "Chips up to the diameter of a quarter can usually be successfully repaired, with many insurance companies waiving the deductible."

If you do need to have work done on your windshield – or any piece of glass on your vehicle – it’s important to have the work done by qualified and professional auto glass technicians. Skilled technicians will know the best techniques for installing your windshield and will take the time to do the job properly.

There are four elements to a quality windshield replacement: a professional technician, the right auto glass, the right adhesive and a warranty on the workmanship. Reputable auto glass shops will always stand behind their work.